A demo of the game has been launched! It is to showcase gameplay and character personalities. The published version will be polished with music and sound effects. There is only a Windows version for now as I'm aware of a technical situation regarding Mac users. 

If you'd rather play online, you can go here:


Windows 32-bit 44 MB
Oct 24, 2018

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The file is not working ;-; when I try to unzip I get the error:
The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


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So sorry to hear that! I'll add a different 34-bit as well as a 64-bit file of the game. If neither of those work you can also play online at the site (I too have been encountering some issues; the creator of the site is working to fix them!) Once all is fixed I'll update with a longer more polished version of the demo.

I don't think the online version is working as well. I get stuck at the part where you're asked who to help. You click an option and it disappears and is stuck at that part.

Thanks for commenting! I'll be updating the demo (I'll make an post for it) making it longer and adding music. :)